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1. Gothic Bible

The text is currently encoded in XML (TEI P4 DTD) and linked to a relational database that contains a digital glossary and automatically assigned POS-tags. As soon as every tag has been manually verified, these linguistic annotations will be integrated into the TEI document. Meanwhile, you can browse the tagged text online or download the tokenized text and database below.

Note — The database is a temporary working document that was never really meant to be published directly online. However, since I haven't got much spare time left to work on the project, disambiguating every token in the text will probably take a very long time. It doesn't make sense to hide work that has already been done simply because it is unfinished or stored in a proprietary format. So if you want to query the dictionary or automatically generated POS-tags, feel free to download the database for personal research.

Derived formats of the text:

The HTML file is not derived from the master TEI document but a copy of an older file.

2. Minor fragments

Literal HTML transcription of Streitberg 1919, p. 472-480:

The polytonic Greek in the last document is rendered using TLG Betacode, an ASCII transcription. If your browser supports Unicode and you have a font capable of displaying the precomposed characters in the Greek Extended Block of Unicode, try the UTF-8 encoded version. For fonts with support for Unicode Polytonic Greek, see Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources.

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