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In its current form, the website was mostly developed as part of two research projects granted by the Special Research Fund of the University of Antwerp, under the direction of Prof. J. Van Loon:

Text entry of the Gothic Bible, however, dates back to volunteer efforts by different persons in 1997-1998. The following people contributed to the project, in alphabetical order:

Tom De Herdt
Research assistant at the University of Antwerp on the projects mentioned above (1998-2008); currently developer at the university library of the VUB. — Webmaster. Started the project in 1997 by posting fragments of the Gothic Bible to a student website; created the database, TEI edition, digital facsimile editions and morphological software; text entry of Streitberg's dictionary.
Frank Kinnaer
Historian, currently doing archeological work in Mechelen, Belgium. — Tagged the names, dates and other content elements in the diary of Christiaan Munters.
David Landau
Department of Information Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Finland. His own website, the Database of the Gothic Language, focuses on digitizing the manuscripts and text heritage in general. — Contributed to the text entry of the Gothic Bible (John, Nehemias).
Robert Tannert
Software developer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Completed his Ph.D. in Germanic philology at the University of Tennessee; produced several electronic editions of Middle High German works in his dissertation project. — Contributed to the text entry of the Gothic Bible (Epistles, Luke, parts of John, Skeireins: in other words the greater part of the entire corpus).
Steven Van Assche
Civil Engineer. Completed his Ph.D. at Ghent University, with a thesis on lossless image compression. Now doing research on new technologies in multimedia for the Flemish Radio and Television Company (VRT). — Developed a C++ prototype of the morphological software and entered a significant part of Streitberg's dictionary.
Jozef Van Loon
Ph.D. in Germanic Languages K.U.Leuven 1979. Teaches German and Dutch Language and Linguistics at the University of Antwerp; member of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature and of the Royal Historical Commission. Author of the books: Principles of Historical Morphology (2005), De ontstaansgeschiedenis van het begrip ‘stad’ (1999), Endogene factoren in de diachrone morfologie van de Germaanse talen (1996), Historische fonologie van het Nederlands (1986), Morfeemgeschiedenis en -geografie der Nederlandse toenamen (1981). — Director of the project since 1998.

Thanks to S. Bolotov, Richard Budelberger, Matthew Carver, Sean Crist, Reimar Müller, Christian Petersen, G. Taylor, Peter Tunstall, J. Wright, Mustafa Karakus and many others for pointing out errors and providing valuable comments on the project.

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