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The electronic editions on this website – both text and facsimile editions – are based on works that have passed into the public domain; in other words, copyright on the materials has expired (they were published before 1923 and their authors died more than 70 years ago).

The editions are freely available for academic and non-commercial use. Since a lot of work went into this website, we would appreciate that use of the materials is acknowledged appropriately, in accord with normal scholarly etiquette. You may also distribute copies of the text and facsimile materials on this site, on condition that the original file description is included, with a reference to http://www.wulfila.be.

The interlinear Bible translations used on this website are believed to be in the public domain or available for non-commercial use: they were acquired from text archives which made this claim, and had no other copyright restrictions noted among their files.

Novum Testamentum Graece: Nestle-Aland 26th/27th edition
Downloaded from Unbound Bible <http://unbound.biola.edu> on 2003-11-02. Original filename: greekNT_UBS3_diacritic_utf8.zip. According to the original file description the text is available for non-commercial personal/scholarly and educational use. Modifications to the text:
  • replaced "σ]" with "ς]" (where appropriate)
  • replaced "σ;" with "ς;" (all)
  • replaced "_" with "–" (all)
Clementine Vulgate
Downloaded from the Clementine Vulgate project on 2005-11-07. Original filename: latest.zip. Public domain. Modifications to the text: removed the paragraph and verse markers, since they are not relevant for the purpose of an interlinear translation:
  • replaced "\" with ""
  • replaced "/" with ""
  • replaced "[" with ""
  • replaced "]" with ""
The Bible: King James version
Downloaded from the Oxford Text Archive <http://ota.ahds.ac.uk> on 2004-03-19. Original filename: xml-1691-1.xml. Available for non-commercial use provided that the header is included.
Downloaded from Unbound Bible <http://unbound.biola.edu> on 2011-10-17. Original filename: dutch_svv.zip. Source: www.coas.nl/bijbel. No copyright mentioned.
La Bible: version Louis Segond 1910
Downloaded from Restoration Ministries <http://www4.autoelect.com> on 1999-12-21 (seems to be offline now). Original filename: bls.zip. Public domain.