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Luke 2:2
CA  soh þan gilstrameleins frumista warþ at [wisandin kindina Swriais] raginondin Saurim Kwreinaiau.
— αὕτη ἀπογραφὴ πρώτη ἐγένετο ἡγεμονεύοντος τῆς συρίας κυρηνίου.
— (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)
Luke 7:37
CA  þaruh sai, qino in þizai baurg, sei was frawaurhta, jah ufkunnandei þatei anakumbida in razna þis Fareisaiaus, briggandei alabalstraun balsanis
— καὶ ἰδοὺ γυνὴ ἥτις ἦν ἐν τῇ πόλει ἁμαρτωλός, καὶ ἐπιγνοῦσα ὅτι κατάκειται ἐν τῇ οἰκίᾳ τοῦ φαρισαίου, κομίσασα ἀλάβαστρον μύρου
— And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment,
Romans 13:6
A  inuþ~þis auk jah gilstra ustiuhaiþ; unte andbahtos gudis sind in þamma silbin skalkinondans.
— διὰ τοῦτο γὰρ καὶ φόρους τελεῖτε, λειτουργοὶ γὰρ θεοῦ εἰσιν εἰς αὐτὸ τοῦτο προσκαρτεροῦντες.
— For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.